The Company UNEX Cosmetics GmbH is a part of the holding Unex GmbH.


The holding was established in 2008 in Germany. The main office is in Hamburg 20095 Ferdinandstrasse 27, +4940299993323, representative offices: in Eastern Europe in Moscow, in Baltic countries in Riga.


The holding specialises in developing, producing and destributing vitamines, food additives, active ingredients for cosmetic and pharmacological industry of agro-industrial sector. Since 2009 as the investment project the holding Unex GmbH has started up the production own cosmetic products under its own brand Cosmedium in Germany.



The distributer in Eastern European countries is


Company Ltd «Aesthetic Corporation «Cosmedink»  

125080 Moscow, Volokolamskoe highway, 1 office 409




The discription of the product: the holding Unex GmbH , Unex cosmetics GmbH establishes cosmetic products of new generation. “Smart“ creams, peelings and serums, which are able to solve aesthetic problems of skin and body. Active ingredients of our cosmetic production act purposefully on aging process, preventing the appearance of skin lesions, reducing rosacea and akne, correcting hyperpigmentation and skin scars.



About our job: We create innovative cosmetic products and medical devices from the very beggining up to the end-product, provide marketing support, professional training of cosmetologists and also consultation our clients and distributors.


Our team of specialists in aesthetic dermatology and cosmetology offers the best innovations to you.


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